Humans of T-shirt: Meet 'Cros', People & Talent Specialist

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November 5, 2021
Humans of T-shirt: Meet 'Cros', People & Talent Specialist

Jono Crosby (affectionately known around the office as simply 'Cros') is one of our valued People & Talent Specialists.

Having been with us for 14 months, he has shared some insights into what it’s like working at T-shirt Ventures and the parts of his role that bring him joy.

Tell us about your role?

My role is all things people!

I’m involved in sourcing talent and recruiting great people to join our team – which has been pretty chaotic at times over the last 14 months given we have grown so quickly.

We have a big focus on experience for our candidates and employees.  When it comes to a new employee starting, it’s all about providing the smoothest onboarding process as possible. I work hard to make sure that we are providing the best possible work environment for them where they can be themselves and enjoy coming into the office. I also help create an environment where employees are challenged in their role and have room for both personal and professional growth, setting them up to succeed as much as they can.

How long have you been working at T-shirt Ventures, and what drew you to the role/company?

I have been working at T-shirt Ventures for 14 months (starting at Provider Choice) – a veteran in the scheme of things!  

The timing couldn’t have been better when someone on the team reached out to me about a role. I had just finished up at university and unfortunately my previous role was impacted due to COVID.

I jumped online to check everything out and loved what I saw. I came in for an interview – including Tom Blinksell, one of the co-founders – and loved the vision of the business and the feeling I got from the people I met. The fact the company was centred around having a positive social impact was an added bonus too.

The rest is history.

You’re at a BBQ with a friend who asks you: “what’s it like working at T-shirt Ventures?” What do you tell them?

"It's great, come and join me!" - something short and sharp.

To be honest, the business really sells itself. I would tell them it is great to work in such a rewarding environment, as every day you get to see the impact we are having on vulnerable Australians and their families.

While I don’t work with NDIS participants themselves, our Plan Managers are often sharing good news stories. We have a dedicated ‘Gratitude and Good Vibes’ channel on Slack where the team talks about the wonderful impact we are having on people’s lives, and the gratitude many of our customers express. We’re constantly being reminded of the great work we are doing as a collective, which is really rewarding.

What’s more, everyone is also very friendly and loves a Friday drink. Not much else you can ask for in a workplace!

What's the most rewarding part about your role and working at T-shirt Ventures?

I really enjoy seeing the journey people undertake within the business – from the first time I jump on a screening call with them, their first day, their first few weeks… and then before you know it, six months have passed!

It is great to see how people come into their own when they start a role at T-shirt Ventures, grow in confidence and form meaningful relationships with their teammates. This is a really important part of building and maintaining a strong, people-first culture.

Providing the right environment that enables people to be the best version of themselves can be a challenge, but it is very rewarding when this comes to fruition.

You've been nominated as living our company value, ‘Big Hearts’. What does that value mean to you?

‘Big hearts’ is a great value and a bit of a fan favourite here at T-shirt Ventures. It really goes to the core of the company and how we operate daily. It’s all about caring deeply about others and providing quality services and investing in your customers, so that we can help them as much as possible.

‘Big hearts’ is not only applicable to the work we do on a daily basis here, but it is something the entire world could use a bit more of. At the end of the day, you can't ask for much more than someone who is genuinely caring and doing their best. That is what the value means to me. It is really about those little moments, making sure you are present and looking out for one another.