Building products with purpose

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Building products with purpose

At T-shirt Ventures we know that truly understanding the people who use our platforms and services is key to prioritising technology enhancements.

We are always on the hunt for smart, skilled engineers to join our team, especially in the growth period we are currently in.As a start-up with a growth mindset, we are always continuously improving!

We collaborate to craft creative products and services, placing customers at the centre of our solutions.. We are not atop-down team, we all do the groundwork, participate in discussions equally, and add value to all aspects of the business.

We have a vision to create small focus pods to ensure everyone can swap between our products and feel challenged by their work each day. If you join us at T-shirt Ventures, you will not be seeing the same code and product forever, you will constantly experience new challenges, develop skills at your pace and perhaps most critically, you’ll always feel valued.

Before I started at T-shirt Ventures I had worked at other startups; from small scale businesses with only two people, up to some with a few hundred people. I have seen many different outcomes for these businesses. Some have experienced massive growth, others have eventually shut down.

My experiences to date have enabled me to hone my craft as a software engineer, and gain confidence in becoming a leader, from creating strategy, through to execution. I feel lucky that these experiences and challenges also led me to start my own advisory business.

When I started working with the founders ofT-shirt Ventures two years ago, I was invigorated by the passion they had for the company’s mission. It was contagious and compelling, and I soon found myself inspired to lead delivery of the technology to support the vision.

Realistically speaking, I know there’s a lot of engineer roles out there - so why would you want to work with us?

Firstly, we are a small functional team, meaning you can make a big impact on the products we are building, and grow with us. You will always get to be hands on and you will always see the impact your work has on the people we help.

As we grow, there will be lots of room for lead engineers who know their product inside out. We are also looking for some great product managers, so there is plenty of room to grow in that role too. We provide flexible working arrangements for our team and are happy for you to work wherever you feel most engaged and productive.

You know what the best part about working atT-shirt Ventures is for me? It’s knowing I am building products with a purpose while also building on my specialty, with a growing team of talented and interesting people. It’s a place where your daily challenges are given meaning while you give meaning to the work of others.