Humans of T-shirt: Meet Jimmy, Talent Acquisition Specialist

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Humans of T-shirt: Meet Jimmy, Talent Acquisition Specialist

At T-shirt, our number one priority is our people. Building balanced and talented teams who are filled with passionate, kind humans not only makes us a great place to work, but means our customers are being represented by people who genuinely care about the impact they’re making in the disability community.  

Our Talent Acquisition Specialist, Jimmy, knows this best – and leads by example with his work ethic and heart of gold. Read ahead if you’re curious about Jimmy’s role and how he knows when he’s found the right recruit!

Tell us about your role.

I am a Talent Acquisition Specialist here at T-shirt, working out of our Sydney HQ office. I am primarily focused on building out T-shirt’s high impact and customer focused Tech and Product Teams across Australia and New Zealand.

My journey in the disability space started as a volunteer in high school for the ‘Lifeskills’ organisation in my hometown of Mudgee. I also have a family friend who is a participant in the NDIS, which is another reason why I’m very passionate about this space.

I truly love playing my part in the teams we are building here. As any recruiter will tell you, recruitment is about being resilient and sticking with it – especially in the candidate market we are seeing today. Although the tech market is incredibly competitive, it’s great to see so many people who are eager and looking to have positive social impact in their roles. It’s an amazing feeling to find someone excited about our purpose who is both talented and values-aligned with T-shirt. It’s even more rewarding to see them in their new role, making such a positive impact to our growing start-up and mission.  

We have a real purpose behind our company to help improve the quality of life for people with disability, and there’s a lot of awesome people out there wanting to join our mission. It’s great to chat with so many talented people each day who are genuinely interested in building impactful tech and services centred around our customers’ goals and needs.

How long have you been working at T-shirt, and what drew you to the role/company?

I've just hit my one-year mark at T-shirt!  

I was instantly hooked by the meaningful space we are in and the wonderful people working in this sector. From the get-go, I knew I’d be proud to work for a health tech company where I was deeply aligned to their mission, whereby we are building impactful products for people living with disability.

Secondly, I knew I’d be very happy working here because of the company’s culture and leadership. Culturally speaking, T-shirt is full of kind, caring and driven people who want to make a difference. Those personality traits are reflected every day in how we care for each other; our teammates, as well as how we care for our customers; the people we are helping through our services and products.

From a leadership point of view, both the founders and our Senior Leadership Team (SLT) team are exceptionally driven, and very transparent about the business and our direction. I always feel connected in our cross-collaborative environment. 

You’re at the BBQ with a friend who asks you: “What’s it like working at T-shirt?” What do you tell them?

It’s awesome! Come and join us.

I would say: working at T-shirt has been the best experience of my working life by far. I come to work each day with a purpose, knowing that we’re making a positive impact in society.

I’d tell them T-shirt is a place to have fun, recognise and celebrate team members, and it is somewhere that you can make a real impact in your role outside of just your job description.

It’s a place to feel connected with leadership and what’s going on in the business, celebrate milestones, and feel incredibly connected to both the mission and your teammates – no matter what division you’re working in. We all interrelate across different functions, and each part of the business is just as important as the other.

What's the most rewarding part about your role and working at T-shirt?

The most rewarding part of my role is helping build a team of talented people that contribute towards creating products that make a real difference in society.  

I am motivated when I see a new teammate making a real impact, totally themselves and doing their best work. We’re an inclusive, diverse team where everyone has a different role to play. Whether that’s a technical role, or on the front line with our customers as a Plan Manager – we inspire each other through having a shared, genuine love for what we do.  

You've been nominated as living our company value of "Chop Wood, Carry Water". What does that value mean to you?

To me, ‘Chop Wood, Carry Water’ is all about sticking to my guns and trusting the process.

In other words, if I control what I can control and stick to my recruitment processes, then the results will take care of themselves - and we will have that next great person ready to join us at T-shirt!

Talent Acquisition is filled with ups and down, so being able to stay level-headed and trust your effort are what ‘Chop Wood, Carry Water’ is all about.

This value also resonates with me because I believe it is important to possess a strong work ethic to achieve your goals, which was something instilled in me at a young age by my parents. It’s important to give your best no matter the outcome, and I want to be someone who goes to the nth degree for my team members and for our customers.

What do you like to do outside of work? 

Outside of work, I like visiting Mum and Dad back in the country, as well as hanging out with my little brother, friends and partner in Sydney. I really enjoy the time I spend with my partner travelling, going to the beach, trying new restaurants, and going to the movies. On most weekends, you’ll find me watching my favourite sports - and then once they are done, switching over to Harry Potter. 

At T-shirt, we’re looking for people with passion, grit and integrity to join our team and ‘wear our T-shirt' every day. We look beyond just resumes and into the heart, stories and life experiences of the people we hire.

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