The magic of T-shirt Ventures

Written by the
Head of People and Talent
Nadine Blackie
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July 2, 2021
The magic of T-shirt Ventures

T-shirt Ventures is a diverse team of caring, empathetic and vibrant people that are working together to achieve an incredible goal of enriching the lives of our community. Everyone has an incredible ability to show empathy; whether it’s towards their colleague or a customer.

When I walk into the office each morning, I find a team of individuals who collaborate, support each other and share in every one’s success. Our company consists of people from all walks of life, from all over the globe and everyone fits together comfortably, complementing each other perfectly.

Whether in our own workplace or in the communities we serve, we are a force for positive change. We are focused on recognising everyone’s individuality and providing opportunities that accommodate and foster their abilities.

We are focused on a culture that is inclusive and creates connections.

Through our daily trivia, our Accountability Blocks initiative connecting team members across the business, or our shared stories bringing a smile (and a few tears) to the faces of our employees, we are a strong team whether in the office or on Zoom.

We frequently reflect on our core mission and principles to ensure we don’t ever lose focus of the priorities which allow us to accomplish truly great things in the world.

Our values are core to everything we do at T-shirt Ventures – it’s the magic behind our winning culture

Let me tell you a little more about our values: 

Big Hearts 

Big Hearts is my favourite value; it’s all about the care that we have for those in our community – both inside and outside our organisation.
This underpins the meaning and power we provide to people living with disability and long-term health needs. It can also be seen each and every day in the business. Our team will always go out of their way to check in on each other, something that has been especially present as we work from home during lockdown. 

Grow, Together 

We are always finding new ways to Grow, Together. From brainstorming ways to better support the people in our community, looking for the best new hire, or sharing unique approaches to developing as an individual. No matter how we are growing, we ensure we are always doing it as a team and there is always someone that has your back.

Chop Wood, Carry Water 

Chop Wood, Carry Water means that every person at T-shirt Ventures is part of the big picture. We are all working towards the same goal, and we all pitch in to achieve it. By focusing on our processes and getting our hands dirty together, we can achieve incredible things.  

Embrace Openness and Positivity 

At T-shirt Ventures, we Embrace Openness and Positivity for their equal merit in a successful business. We believe in developing people’s sense of fair and honest expression and freedom to share their thoughts and feelings in a workplace environment. Part of this ethos also recognises the need to maintain a positive attitude when expressing and receiving views and input. We develop and reinforce constructive criticism techniques, knowing that using language and actions that uplift each other without ever sacrificing honesty is conducive to business outcomes that benefit all; internally and externally.

Quality and Equality 

We love our team coming up with fun, new and different ideas. Every idea that comes to the table is equal and will be appraised on its merit without judgement or dismissal. Everyone can make an impact and that all stems from fostering an environment where people feel empowered to do so. This is how we ensure that everything we build aligns with our values and overall mission.

Velocity to Value

We are focused every day on providing value to our people, our customers, our community and the broader sector around us. This can take the form of anything, from a phone call to a customer or full team volunteering day. For as long as we continue striving to achieve value for our community, then we know we are achieving our mission.

For me, these values are what make T-shirt Ventures such an incredible place to work. The inclusivity, quality and compassionate nature of all members of the team brings a smile to my face everyday. As we move to this new phase of the business story with T-shirt Ventures as our head-co, we will continue to focus on growing our winning and inclusive culture.