It's official - we're a Great Place to Work.

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It's official - we're a Great Place to Work.

At T-shirt, we’re very serious about being a great place to work, and we’ve just been certified for it. Yep, you heard correctly. T-shirt Ventures is a bona fide Great Place to Work, an official certification achieved through a third party employee survey and culture audit. 

We’re a dedicated bunch, continuously striving to cultivate an environment that places people at the heart of everything we do. We help people living with disability overcome challenges, achieve their goals, and improve the quality of their lives – but we know that’s not possible unless our team feels supported in the exact same way.  

We are focused on finding as many ways as possible to help our awesome team members feel supported, and the rave reviews are already rolling in. We could take you through the initiatives that we think are so great, but we thought we would leave that to the experts: our team! 

1. We're part of something bigger

"What I love about working at T-shirt is being able to really put the customers interests and needs at the centre of everything we do. How we work together, how we write, how we communicate as a company so that our product and services are truly impacting the lives of the people we are all here for - the community within the disability space. I’m also excited by the opportunity to, through the work we do at T-shirt, impact the wider tech community to better support the unique needs of all."

- Nancy, Head of Design, Product & Customer

"One of the best parts of being in the T-shirt team is working with people from all walks of life, and hearing their goals or their loved one's goals and knowing that I am finding services to help them achieve that. Families are always so appreciative of the services that we offer, but I feel thankful that they let me walk just a small part of their journey with them.”

- Britt, Customer Experience Specialist

We’re purpose-driven in everything we do for the disability and health tech sector. There are no pen-pushers here. We’re compassionate creators.  

Whether it’s building products or developing strategies, our work makes the lives of vulnerable Australians easier. We’re growing together to ensure nobody is left behind, and we’re all working towards a greater cause. 

At T-shirt, you’ll be part of the exciting world of an early-stage start-up that is home to multiple health-tech brands. Join an engaged team where every idea is valued and every task contributes to representing the needs of our customers across our Plan Management service, Provider Choice; and our newest product, HeyHubble - the online marketplace for NDIS participants and providers.

In fact, many of our team members have shaped new and exciting roles through their forward-thinking and compelling ideas. Our customer-centric approach across every facet of our business means we’re all working together to better suit the needs of people with disability – and that feels amazing.  

We also know we’re not the only ones striving for positive change in the disability space. Because of this, we offer everyone two paid volunteer days to use throughout the year. You can use these to volunteer in our sector, or any other space you feel particularly passionate about!

2. Our diverse team celebrate each other daily

"Working at T-shirt Ventures is great. It is a place that really focusses on inclusion and diversity. As someone who has a disability, I am extremely comfortable in the environment and really enjoy working with some terrific employees."

- Emily, Social Media Marketing Coordinator

"During Ramadan, the team decorated the office, showing us support and love. To have the flexibility and to be able to break fast with the family was also really nice. We are a unique group of individuals from all around the world, everyone has their own special touch to make the workplace even more amazing to work in"

- Raz, Plan Management Team Lead

Being part of our multicultural, multifaith, multi-ability team means you feel right at home. T-shirt isn’t just a place to find colleagues; it’s a place to find like-minded, passionate humans who embrace ‘openness and positivity’. 

Our customer-centric approach to our products, design and overall business function is facilitated by a compassionate and diverse team from all walks of life – we have employees from 13 different countries and counting! We enable strong communities from the inside out, meaning our team is made up of unique individuals who foster ‘quality and equality’ to support the lives of people with disability.  

‘Embrace openness and positivity’ and ‘quality and equality’ are two fundamental values here at T-shirt, and we’re so proud that we demonstrate these in the way we celebrate each other. 

At T-shirt, our customer base is diverse, and it’s important that our team is as well. We actively hire people with various abilities and disabilities, representing and creating opportunity for people from all walks of life. This aligns strongly with our vision of helping people with disability create the life they want to live. We can’t wait to continue diversifying our team, as it means even more people with lived experience can provide varied input to develop life-changing tech products.

3. Your wellbeing is our top priority

"I love the concept of Doona days. I think it’s one of the most people-centric initiatives out there. I’ve always said that a company is not a ‘thing’. It’s just a collection of people choosing to turn up to the same place everyday and work towards a common goal. So if you have a collection of great people, who are happy, because they’re supported, and well-resourced; you’re going to produce some amazing value for your customers.

However, in the world of high-growth startups, that happiness can start to be impacted by the fast-paced, dynamic nature of our work. Which is why ‘Doona Days’ are a vital tool in the kit for keeping our team supported mentally & physically!”

- Tom, CEO & Founder

"It’s so refreshing to work for a company that truly does place their people at the heart of their business. Apart from being able to take a day off to reset and unwind, one of the best things about Doona Days is feeling supported and it’s a great way to kick start conversations about the importance of mental health from top-down. As a book-worm, I also love that I can order a free book per month for my professional development!"

- Lauren, Senior Manager, Marketing

We pride ourselves on being a welcoming and friendly group who prioritise your mental and physical well-being above all else. 

This is accomplished through various initiatives, including our paid ‘Doona Days’ for those times you need a good sleep-in, Netflix binge, or just a day off to reset.  

We also offer an employee assistance program, ‘Uprise’. This initiative provides professional and confidential support for anything you need – from workplace issues to family matters, with access to coaching, therapy, and resilience training.  

Whether you’re working from home or in the office, you can also enjoy free books each month, Uber Eats vouchers, and different perks and discounts from the Perkbox platform – we’ve got you covered. 

Our various leave initiatives (on top of the ones we’ve already listed) means you can find the perfect work/life balance to thrive.

  • We have extended compassionate leave to five days. We understand certain things can happen unexpectedly and we support you taking the time to focus on this when (or if) something does arise. 
  • COVID is a curveball nobody saw coming. To give everyone one less thing to worry about, we’ve joined the ‘Great Aussie Vaccine Drive’ to offer each employee a half-day of paid leave when they need to get jabbed. 
  • And the best gift of all – a paid day off on your birthday! We think it’s pretty important that our crew gets to spend their special day surrounded by loved ones.

4. Our culture is unbeatable

“Sometimes when you're having a rough time mentally or have just been a bit bleh I really look forward to coming to work to not only get my social fix but also being around welcoming and like minded people. I love working with these amazing people from all different backgrounds. We all get along so well but we are always learning from each other and have the utmost respect.”

- Heidi, Growth Operations Coordinator

"I think the thing I love most about the culture at T-shirt is that everyone feels comfortable to be their real selves at work. No one is putting on their 'work face' here. What you get from that is a bunch of really motivated people coming together to do some amazing work but who also look after each other and treat each other as human beings in the process. It's refreshing."

- Joel, Head of Growth

We put good vibes and community at the top of our priority list. We don’t do ‘ordinary’ here – we embrace fun. Experience this through our daily trivia, patting the office doggos, regular team events and Friday drinks.  

We’re not a traditional office environment. Whether you are working in the office or remotely, we’re energised, people-centric and love building meaningful relationships, so you feel inspired to produce their best work.   

In the disability space, it’s integral to have a ‘big heart’, and our team culture is certainly a testament to this.

5. We support flexible work environments

“I love working at T-Shirt as I feel fully enabled to put my energy into what I believe is a positive impact for society whilst also being able to maintain a very active and healthy lifestyle. A mix of warm air, ocean water and feeling empowered to do your best work is what the soul truly needs to be happy and content.”

- Billy, Software Engineer

“What I have loved about working remotely with the T-shirt Venture crew is that I have always felt part of the team, as if I am on the ground with everyone else. I love having my puppy as my P.A and confidante, and to really be able to find that work-life balance by hitting a bit of life admin on my lunch breaks or mornings because time is back on my side and I can.”

- Christie, Plan Manager

We know that being in the office full time doesn’t work for everyone. That’s why we champion flexible work environments. Part of our ‘Grow, Together’ value means we work collaboratively to build a working arrangement that’s optimal for you. This ensures you can show up each day as your whole self, prioritising your needs and wellbeing.

What’s more, we are always excited to celebrate your exciting life milestones, like when your family grows. We’re a company driving positive change alongside other progressive companies looking to better support their employees, which is why we offer equal paid parental leave to support you during this time:

  • Each parent can be as flexible as needed, taking eight weeks as a single block or spread out over time. 
  • You can coordinate this leave back-to-back with your government entitlements or take it separately. 

Just as we celebrate the exciting milestones, we are here for you when you are experiencing pregnancy-related heartbreak – such as miscarriage. 

  • We joined the #WeNeedMoreLeave campaign from Kin Fertility to help raise awareness for miscarriage and provide support during physical and emotional recovery. 
  • We offer up to 15 days leave to support our employees going through this devastating time. 

Our team is rapidly growing. We’re constantly on the lookout for talented people who are passionate about joining our mission to create health tech that lets people create and live their best lives. 

Our perks and programs help our wonderful humans of T-shirt feel supported, and if these incentives haven’t convinced you, our team will! Meet some of our #HumansofTshirt on our Stories page.

If reading the above has caught your interest, we’d love the opportunity to tell you more about life at T-shirt. You can get in touch with our Talent Team by clicking here to see all our open positions, or reach out to us with an expression of interest here.